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Year 6 2020 - 2021

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Please remember that you can contact me via email with any questions or just to let me know how you are getting on during self-isolation:

Please remember that children can carry (and pass on) the virus without displaying any symptoms - our bubble is self-isolating in order to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Government advice states that children must not leave their homes or have visitors inside their homes while in self-isolation. 

We are following this guidance to help keep our community and loved ones safe. 

Please do send me an email if you need a reminder of any of your passwords for our online learning - now is the time to really focus on Spelling Shed, Read Theory and TT Rockstar- I'd expect that you are completing at least 10 minutes (30 mins in total) every day during self isolation.


Wednesday 30.09.2020


Today we're continuning our work with the order of operations in maths calculations (BIDMAS) - the work that I've seen from yesterday was awesome - well done!  There is a maths investigation for you to have a go at and a codebreaker activity too - good luck... You can always use the video from yesterday's work if you need a reminder of the rules of BIDMAS.




Well done to Elias, Archie, ToBro, ToBo, Elcar, Neve, Zak, Logan, and Charlotte for completing your SpellingShed homework - 5 praise points each yes...  The assignment finishes tomorrow so everybody else still has time!

Great work from Jake for spending the most time on TT Rockstars since we began isolating (3 mins a day on average) - 5 praise points to you too!

Only 5 of you have been on Read Theory - this is part of your Home Learning and Homework sad - your challenge is to see how many of you can go on before Friday...


Tuesday 29th September

Lots more great work and messages about how you are getting on were emailed to me yesterday - thanks to Evie, Zak, ToBro, ToBo, HarWi, Neve, Logan & Elias for keeping me updated! Keep it coming in today! We've only got 3 more days in isolation laugh...

If you haven't completed the Science activities from earlier in our isolation period - you can still have a go.


 It's time for some grammar today - we're investigating 'Expanded Noun Phrases'.  Check out the video below (apologies if you find George annoying laugh) and have a go at the Silver or Gold level worksheet.  THere are also some slides if you'd like some extra support...



Yesterday's maths was quite tricky wasn't it! Today we're using BIDMAS to help us with different calculations.  Take a look at the video below then have a go at the questions on the worksheet.  There's an extension to have a go at too if you're feeling really confident:



It's time to get creative with every day objects - there's an art task in the files for you to have a go at.  Let me know how you get on...


Monday 28th September

smiley Welcome to Monday! smiley 

I don't know about you but I'm definitely missing school and can't wait to be allowed out of the house on Friday...  I've loved seeing your ideas for the evolution of the human race: Neve (an extra lung) and Coby's (teleportation) ideas were awesome. Archie & Charlotte emailed me some amazing Maths & English on Friday too.  I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with today's work - please do send me an email...


Today we're looking at a text called 'Sleeping Cutie'.


We're continuing to practise our division skills in Maths today. THis handy guide might help...




Continuing our work on evolution and inheritance, I'd like you to think about your family and any characteristics that you think may be inherited - take a look at the slides. You can use photos or sketches to demonstrate your inherited characteristics...

Here's a video with some cute puppies in it (there's some science in their too wink... 




Friday 25th September

Today's Spelling Shed 'Shout Out' goes to Archie, Elias, and ToBro. Remember to add 5 praise points when we're back in school. Remember to send me some examples of your work too - it was great to see Zak, Ellie & Archie's yesterday.


It's time to complete our first draft of our Charles Darwin Biography - follow the instructions to help write you Introduction & Summary paragraph (The Biography Support Sheet might help you with vocabulary choices and sentence starters).  Watch the video below to find out even more about Charles Darwin...



Continuing our work on Short Division today - work through the slides and then see how you get on with the worksheet - can you go for gold?  There's an extra challenge to if you want to practise your problem solving!



Thursday 24.09.2020

Good morning Year 6! Please send me some of your work - I'd love to see how you have got on with the evolution work yesterday.  I've set a new assignment on Spelling Shed for this week - have a go!


I just wanted to give a 'shout out' (and 5 praise points) to Harry, Neve and Ellie C for your work on Read Theory already this week - Awesome work! And to Zak for sending me all of your fantastic work so far...


Here's a little reminder of how to divide using the 'bus stop' or 'short division' method.  Take a look then work through the slides and activities.


Today, you will be investigating the life of Charles Darwin before starting to write a first draft of his biography.

French: Mrs Storer has set a French task for you to complete - follow the link to find out what it is:

Wednesday 23.09.2020


We're continuing to practise our multiplication skills today - work through the slides and complete the tasks as you go.  You can always look back at yesterday's work too...


Today we're looking at a biography of Mary Anning - a very famous fossil collector. Read through the text and challenge yourself to answer the questions as fully as possible - the silver questions are more simple, most of you will be able to complete the Gold questions though (go on really challenge yourselves - you can do it!).


Continuing with our work on evolution - today I'd like you to think about how humans could evolve to become even better.  Look at the examples and design your own evolutionary feature for humans...

Tuesday 22.09.2020

Well that was a surprising start to the day wasn't it!  Looks like we're all at home for the next couple of weeks:


Mrs Storer has provided your English work for today - it's a punctuation task linked to our Success Criteria for writing Biographies. We're using colons and semi colons - you can choose to do one or both :-) 


Take a look at the video below - we're multiplying 4 digits numbers today. Then see how you get on with the activities (you don't have to do them all!)...


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