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Covid Catch Up Funding Strategy 2020

The Government allocated Hollinhey Primary School £16, 800 as part of the Catch Up Strategy.

At the end of lockdown, we 'rag rated' each cohort in terms of on line engagement in order that this information could be passed on to the next teacher. For those children who didn’t engage at all or engaged very little we would be prepared for them to have gaps compared to those who engaged fully. On starting the Autumn term, we analysed each cohort through a series of in class assessments ( eg Bench marking, Fluency rubric, Comprehension rubric, Maths assessment grid ) to see which children had been significantly disadvantaged by lockdown and consequently had gaps that had appeared in their learning / greater gaps in their learning as a direct result of the pandemic.

We devised the following priorities for Catch Up:

A Maths – basic number

B Reading - fluency

C Reading - comprehension

D Writing – the accuracy of handwriting and punctuation alongside writing stamina.

Please see that Attached Strategy for how we propose to allocated our funding.

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