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French at Hollinhey

Bonjour! Welcome to this page where we celebrate all things to do with our French learning at Hollinhey.

29/06/20 Word of the week:  le coucher de soleil

un arbre:  The answer.....  a tree

All Key Stage two receive approximately 30 minutes of French a week at Hollinhey. Whilst we are not in school, I will be posting some links and files for you to keep up with your French skills.  These will be updated once a week.


Bonjour!  I have attached this week's French activities that are hopefully consolidating what you have done over the last few weeks. 

Y3:  There is a colouring activity - work out what the colours are from the jumbled letters.  I have also attached a drinks activity - match the drink to the picture (the answers are included on the same document).  Some words are very similar to our english words so you should be able to work out quite a few!

Y4:  You have a 'going on holiday' vocabulary activity.  There are lots of holiday words that need to be put into the correct categories on the sheet I've attached.  The english words are also there to help you. 

Y5:  Linked to your work on sport and hobbies, you have a presentation all about a famous sporting event that takes place mainly in France - Le Tour de France.  Watch and read the presentation and have a go at some of the activities mentioned.  You could also create a poster or leaflet all about Le Tour de France. 

Y6: You have a presentation about French speaking countries around the world (there are lots!).  Read this presentation and then have a go at the activity sheets attached. 

Have a go at any of these activities linked to French language and culture.  You don't need to stick to your year group activity, any activity will help you with your French learning!  There are also Lumen's Language Challenges below



Bonjour!  I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine this week!  Here are some more activities to keep you busy!

Y3:  Colour in the fruits with the correct colour.

Y4:  Continue learning the seaside vocabulary and have a go at the activities on the presentation.

Y5:  Create a poster about french sports and hobbies using the vocabulary we have covered on this topic. 

Y6:  I have attached an activity about countries in Europe for you to do.  There is a map activity, a crossword and some language learning.  You could go online and do some research to find the names of the countries in French and the different languages spoken. 


For everyone:  Below is a link to lots more fun and creative activities you can do and many are linked to language learning: 




Bonjour Hollinhey!  Have you found out the meaning of the word of the week?  Hint:  You can learn the colours with this! 

There are lots of french activities to do this week:

Y3:  In preparation for reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in french, you will revise the days of the week.  Use this link to do a quiz and then complete the worksheet attached:


Following on from your work on ice creams, we are going to look at vocabulary at the seaside.  Using the word mats, create your own seaside picture and label it with the french vocabulary.  How many new words can you learn and memorise?


Look at the presentation about sports and what days they are carried out.  At the end see if you can write your own sentences about what sports you do on different days of the week!


Look at the presentation about France, there is some new vocabulary and some familiar words we have covered earlier this year too!  Complete the gap fill on the last page. 



Mrs Storer

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