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Meet the staff

        Mrs S Clough        



Health & Safety

         RE Subject Lead         

Mrs C Massey
Deputy Headteacher

 Year 5 teacher

French & E-Safety Subject Lead

Science Subject Lead

Educational Visits Lead


Miss E Holland
Reception Teacher

Outdoor Learning Lead

ICT Subject Lead

Mr J Perry
Year 2 Teacher

Maths Subject Lead

Geography Subject Lead

Miss V. Jones

Year 1 Teacher

Year 4 Support Teacher

Ms Marshall-Clarke

Year 4 Teacher



Mr B Barlow- Davenport
Year 6 Teacher 

History Subject Lead

PE Subject Lead

Mrs A Cook
Year 3 Teacher

Art  Subject Lead

Mrs A Adams
Year 3 Teacher

DT Subject Lead

Mrs J Blackholly
Y5 Support Teacher

Display Lead

Miss L Whitehead
Year 1 teacher 

English Subject Lead

Mrs R Storer

Y6 Support Teacher

Music Subject Lead

Teaching support staff


Mrs E Cusick
Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Wood
Teaching Assistant

Miss N Rose
Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Richardson
Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Moss
Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Rance

Teaching Assistant

Miss B McNicoll
Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Rowley Teaching Assistant

Miss S Middleton Teaching Assistant

Miss C Hagar Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Lancaster

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Barber

Teaching Assistant


Support Staff


Mrs J Simkiss
School Business Manager


Mrs S Eglei
Finance and Administrative

Mr J Forbes
Site Maintenance Officer


Mrs S Taylor
Domestic Engineer
and Mid Day Assistant

Miss E Boon
Domestic Engineer and Mid-day Assistant


Mid-day Assistants


Mrs P Lear

Mid-day Assistant

Mrs P Priestman

Mid-day Assistant


Miss D Wooderson

Mid-day Assistant

Ms Gemma Powers

Mid-Day Assistant


Mrs J Taylor
Catering Supervisor

Mrs C Boon
Kitchen Assistant

Miss G Buckroyd
Kitchen Assistant

Contact the School

Hollinhey Primary School

Bell Avenue, Sutton
Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 0EE

Contact for queries: Mrs S Egeli, Admin Assistant

Main Contact: Mrs S Egeli

Tel: 01625 383247

SEN Contact: Mrs S Clough

SEN Email:

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