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Cheshire Fire Service visit to Y5

Lesson: PSHE and citizenship

Class: Year 5 Year: 2018 - 2019

On Friday 18th January, Year 5 were visited by the Fire service to be taught about Fire Safety in the home and learn about evacuation planning and steps to prevent a fire.

They watched information videos, asked and answered lots of questions and then went out into the ‘smoke tent’  to experience a smoke filled room,  how visibility is so poor and why they should get low down.

The main points discussed were:

  • Get out, Stay out and Call them out
  • The Fire Service would be there quickly once called
  • Have a night-time routine of switching off electrics, closing doors, putting door keys where everyone knows where they are
  • Make sure there are smoke dectector alarms and that they are checked regularly
  • Have escape plans for fires in different parts of the house
  • Always check whether a door is hot before opening it
  • If clothing is on fire, Drop and Roll
  • Never leave cooking, charging of electrical unattended
  • Never leave laptops, phones or tablets charging on your bed
  • If stuck in bedroom, put clothes in front of gap at bottom of the door and go to an open window and wait
  • Call 999 

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