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Year 3 2019 - 2020

Ms Marshall-Clarke

Ms Marshall-Clarke

Year 3 Teacher

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Welcome to Year 3! - Home School!

I have some lovely art and pictures of puppies waiting to be born to share on the Secret Page today. I’m amazed at all the different experiences you’ve been having at home school. I wonder what will pop up next?


Two thirds of you have logged onto SpellingShed this week. That’s a good number – but I think we can still do better.

Next week we are moving our focus to TTRockstars. We have a battle with Y4. It starts on Monday and runs all week. So make sure you warm up over the weekend – let’s end the year with a Year 3 victory!!


This week’s Heart Award goes to Ben Finch, Ben has worked extremely hard during home school – even though he’s missed being with everyone quite a lot. This shows great resilience Ben! He’s also been doing some lovely extra things, take a look at the Secret Page to see his fantastic work of art! Congratulations Ben!



It’s Key Skills today – plus a lovely challenge if you want to do a little more. 

Challenge 1 and 2 are questions everybody can have a go at. Challene 3 and 4 are pretty tricky – but some of you will really enjoy them.



Writing for Pleasure – Just for Kyle I’ve chosen a picture of a rollercoaster.

There’s a story starter to get your ideas flowing and some questions to help with more ideas. Then a list of different types of writing that you might like to do. If you have a different idea – you can write anything you like because it’s writing for pleasure.



Just for Fun Tuesday

I’ve uploaded some Independence Day activities – colouring and a word search.



We’re learning more about light this week.

Go to the Oak National lesson here

  1. Complete the starter quiz
  2. Go back to get to the video lesson
  3. Complete the final quiz

The first half of the video reminds you about what you’ve learnt already then second half has new learning about shadows.

You’ll need this for next week’s experiment.


Parents please contact me by email if you need any assitance with access or content



 Every day I'll set you a maths and and English activity (in files to download), use the exercise book you were sent home with to write your answers. The next day I'll post answer sheets so you can self-mark. 

You've also got topic homework you can work on and of course reading for at least 20mins every day.

Log-ins for SpellingShed and TTRockstars are in your Reading Records - please use them every day too.

The timetable you developed is in Files to Download - so you can remember the breaks, exercise and other activities you thought you could and shoudl be doing.

The login for PurpleMash is also in your Reading Record. There's lots to explore and lots of great educational games to play. If I've used it to set you work check your 2Dos to find it.

Remember you can use the diary in your PurpleMash 2Do to tell me what you've been doing or ask me questions. I'd love to hear how you are getting on!!

Keep smiling, keep washing your hands and remember We Are The Champions!!  



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