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The Purpose of Homework

  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding
  • To extend school learning
  • To encourage pupils to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own and prepare them for the requirements of secondary school
  • To involve parents in their child’s learning
  • To comply with Government guidelines

Due to the Covid 19 Restrictions and our Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan, Autumn Term 2 homework will all be completed on-line using our digital platforms with Microsoft TEAMS being used to set a specific Assignment every week. This will enable pupils and parents to prepare for the possiblity of Remote Learning due to self- isolation by individuals or groups.

Reading at home should continue daily according to the indiviudal requirements set by the class teacher.

Working in Partnership

The class teachers will inform parents of the routines of homework at the beginning of each academic year in writing. Parents should encourage their child to complete homework satisfactorily and return it on time. Any problems should be indicated to the teacher.

Specialised Programmes

Children with difficulties in certain subjects may be included in specialised programmes of work which may need some support from home. These programmes will be discussed fully with the parents before being started. Generally this would be in addition to homework set as a class.

Children in Foundation Stage and Years 1 & 2

Homework will be set as appropriate.

Reading is essential.

Children in Years 3-6

If a child does not complete the expected amount of work in class they may be asked to finish work at home and it must be returned the following day.

Reading is essential.

Children in Years 3 to 6 will be given all their written homework on Wednesday to be completed and handed in on the following Monday. Staff will endeavour to ensure that children leave the classroom with this work contained in a recognisable Homework folder.

Homework is marked on a Monday in order to allow time for follow up.

All homework must be completed but any homework handed in late may not be marked.

If homework is not completed or is deemed to be unsatisfactory on two occasions in a half term, then parents will be notified of this by letter.

Helping with Homework

  • Always encourage and be positive- give plenty of praise
  • Be patient- give your child time to think and talk. Don’t expect too much.
  • Do not get upset if your child finds a task difficult- let the teacher know
  • If you are unsure about how much help or the kind of help to give speak to the teacher
  • Remember that it is the child’s homework –not yours!
  • Share reading opportunities with your child
  • Carry out practical activities to help understanding

Homework Programme

See Homework Policy

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