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Exploring Science: Curriculum Evening

Science Day and Evening- Monday 21st January

We have been very fortunate to receive a grant from Beech Hall School Trust to bring a Wonderdome Planetarium to Hollinhey on Monday 21st January. All children at Hollinhey had the opportunity to venture into the dome to learn more about the planets, the stars and the universe in  an amazing and visual way.

But we didn't want to leave the grown-ups or older siblings out!

From 6pm-8pm that evening, we ran a Science Evening with activities from every year group led by our class Science Ambassadors and former Hollinhey pupils from The Macclesfield Academy plus giving the opportunity to experience the Wonderdome too! 

Rec: Floating & Sinkuing

Y1: Sorting Materials

Y2: Investigating Magnets

Y3: Teeth & Healthy Eating

Y4: Electrical Conductors & Insulators

Y5: Separating Materials

Y6: Human Body & Heart Rate

The Macclesfield Academy: Physics, Chemistry & Biology Activities


Many thanks to the Hollinhey Staff & Pupils, The Macclesfield Academy Staff & pupils, Ben from Wonderdome & The Beech Hall Trust for providing the grant to fund this exciting day and evening.

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