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September 2020 Return- news, advice and details

The Government and Public Health England have confirmed it is safe for schools to fully open and all children will be expected to return to school full time in September. This is great news and we are looking forward to welcoming back all our children on Thursday 3rd September.

For our new Reception children, we will be having a phased start to the term at Hollinhey. Details have been emailed to parents. Please email if you have not received these details.

The full risk assessment can be found in the Files to Download. As this is a working document, there may be revisions; however this will be updated when these occur.

Each year group will also  receive a separate year group email regarding the protocols (based on the full risk assessment) for coming back to school. This document will contain lots of important information including reminders about start and finish times, one way systems, what can and can’t be brought into school alongside an updated home school agreement regarding coronavirus testing. These can also be found in 'Files to Download'.

Re-connecting curriculum

We have decided to spend the first couple of weeks of the new academic year working on a whole school project, helping the children to re-connect with each other, staff, their learning and the school. It has 6 main elements to it.

  • Re-affirming relationships, connections and belonging.
  • Supporting emotional recognition, exploration and regulation
  • Re-establishing routines
  • Supporting the return to learning
  • Acknowledging and reflecting on experiences
  • A hopeful future

We are very aware that for some children the return to school will be effortless whilst for others just the thought might already be causing some anxiety. By giving the children time to talk through their experiences and by helping them to re-connect, we hope that all our children will then feel secure and ready to learn. Below is a 'Nip it in the Bud' video to help support children with a return to school. There is also a document in Files to Download.

We are commited to safeguarding all our pupils, whilst at home or at school. Hollinhey's Addendum to our Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy is available in Files to Download. If you have any concerns at all , please contact Mrs Clough via email on 

If your child is worried about the Coronavirus pandemic, here is a link to a great activity to re-assure them.

I would like to a thank all the staff who have worked incredibly hard to ensure we have been able to run not only a physical school but also a virtual school throughout this period - I can’t thank them enough for all they have done this year.

I hope they, and you, have a lovely Summer holiday and I look forward to seeing every Hollinhey pupil back with us on Thursday 3rd September.

Mrs Clough

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