AcSEED School

In July 2018 we heard that the review of our school self-assessment was complete. The review concluded that Hollinhey Primary School met  the AcSEED criteria for emotional wellbeing and mental health support, and had therefore been accredited with The AcSEED Award!

The AcSEED review team were particularly impressed with Hollinhey’s:

1.Comprehensive mental health and wellbeing improvement initiatives in the School Development Plan.

2.Use of KiVa evidence-based anti-bullying programme.

3.Worry Boxes.

4.PAWS B Mindfulness programme and Forest School.

5.Use of Emotional Healthy Schools (EHS) resources such as Tools for Schools and Cool Connections.

6.Good range of opportunities to capture pupil feedback.

7.Pupil wellbeing survey compared at start and end of year.

8.Starting to run parent workshops.(i.e. On-Line Safety)

9.Drop off and collection point of contact.

10.Wellbeing co-ordinator trained in Mental Health First Aid.

11.Use of EHS tools and link team to support any counselling needs.

12.Training available for peer mentoring type roles.

13.Good awareness training for all staff, and more dedicated in-depth training for specific individuals.

14.Whole school training includes staff mental health and wellbeing.

15.Welfare checks on vulnerable parents.

16.Use of CPOMS to track wellbeing concerns.

17.Good interaction with external agencies and groups to continuously review practices.

18.Recognition of improvement opportunities, particularly with respect to discrete counselling and working with parents.

19.Focus on how to measure impact of specific wellbeing provisions.


We are very proud of our AcSEED award as it recognises our commitment to pupils’ emotional wellbeing and mental health support. Along with our whole school initiatives, such as Forest School, KIVa (the anti-bullying program) and Mindfulness, we also run a range of interventions for individuals or groups that may require some extra support. The award recognises all that we do in this area to promote wellbeing across the school.


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